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Isabelle's Souvenirs Bundle

$25.00 USD - $30.00 USD

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PREORDER PERIOD: November 22, 2019 to December 30, 2019
Shipping estimates: Early March 2020

Happy Travel is an Animal Crossing Fanzine focused on the special characters in animal crossing taking a break from their careers to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. This zine is a limited edition project containing a collection of illustrations.

This option includes:
- 1x Stamp themed sticker sheets (not valid as postage) (4"x6" inches)
- 2x Die-cut Stickers (2.5" inch tall)
- 3x Postcards (4"x6" inches)
- Additional USD$5 includes a PDF copy to your order
Please note that this is a preorder purchase and will be fulfilled at a later date. Shipping estimated on Early March 2020. Follow us on twitter @AcTravelzine for updates