Happy Travel is an Animal Crossing is a non-profit Fanzine focused on the special characters in Animal Crossing taking a break from their careers to enjoy a vacation! This project is based in the Philippines, which means orders will all be shipped out from the Philippines.

This zine is limited edition, meaning these will not be sold ever again! This project is made possible by the dozens of wonderful artists who helped make this art zine come true! We’re excited to see it as a success as you are! 

If you’d like to know more about the project, visit our carrd ( AcTravelzine.carrd.co )

Contact us : AcTravelzine@gmail.com

Contributing Artists list:

Cafhune | Kanisaur | Abbey Miller

Alisadraws | Art_of_Emfitz | Boxerbun

Chanteii | Cheryl Young | Chunnyeol 

Citruslucy | Clare Lee | Dango.Chain

Danielle Phelps | Dreamiedeco | Euaruu 

Grubpuppy | Hattypantaloons | Ieafy

Kittycouch | Kura | Linus

Maridoodles | Miamitu | MiguelCrossing

Monette_w | Orchibrochi | Oletarts 

Perisceris | Prince | Lollipoptiger

Soggy | TheLotusMaiden | Waffletop

Cover Artist: Grubpuppy 

Comic Artist: Miguelcrossing 

Sticker Artists:

Maridoodles | Oletarts | Kura | Kittycouch 

Waffletop | Citruslucy | Dango.chain | Euaruu 

Chunnyeol | Abbey Miller


Prince | Ieafy | Perisceris

Enamel Pin